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4 Reasons to Use Mobile Ultrasound Services

Updated: Apr 2

Mobile ultrasound services are beneficial to the patient, caretakers, and medical staff for many reasons. In our latest Mobile Medical of Louisiana update, we will discuss the 4 reasons to use mobile ultrasound services that can improve patient safety and comfort, provide faster and more accurate results, improve efficiency, and offer savings in several areas.

Patient Safety and Comfort

We have discussed the risks involved with transporting patients, the increased nature of imposing additional injuries, and exposure to other airborne illnesses. Patient comfort also has an impact on patient safety. Keeping someone in a familiar environment reduces anxiety and confusion. Keeping patients calm and stable until a diagnosis can be provided helps minimize risk.

Faster and Accurate

Mobile ultrasound provides faster and more accurate digital imaging results. Mobile X-ray of Louisiana can administer tests and provide results faster than transporting a patient to a hospital and waiting for them to administer and assess an ultrasound. The accuracy of the mobile ultrasound helps aid in expediting treatment.

You can schedule an ultrasound technician 24 hours a day 7 days a week to administer tests. We are available when you need us. This allows the patient to bypass scheduling delays at stand alone imaging centers where some delays can be up to 24-hours.

Improves Efficiency

Mobile X-ray of Louisiana can provide in-office image results based on the patient's immediate need. We can provide the necessary in-house results much faster than using a third party radiology facility or imaging centers. One reason is because we can eliminate the need for couriers since all of our results are securely available online through our client portal.

We offer services to specialty clinics, treatment centers, nursing homes, assisted living communities, and behavioral clinics. Our results are offered before a patient is transported, helping patients receive the most accurate diagnosis and treatment at the moment.


Implementing mobile x-ray into our procedures when handling injury can result in a multitude of savings. Including:

  • Reducing the number of transports

  • Keeping patients in a familiar environment for as long as possible

  • Speeding up diagnosis and treatments

  • Reduces burden placed on staff

  • Reduces overcrowding in hospitals and ER wait times

Mobile X-ray of Louisiana offers digital imaging services and has technicians on-call for your immediate support. We are professional, courteous, compassionate, and ready to help support your organization to improve patient safety and comfort.

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