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DR Digital Imaging

Digital Radiography (DR) Digital Imaging uses digital electronic sensors to produce an imaging on an electronic device. The benefits allow for a much faster results then using traditional photographic film. Within minutes medical staff can log into Mobile X-ray of Louisiana's portal to obtain patient results. This increases efficiency and creates a better workflow process.

Mobile X-ray of Louisiana

50% Less Radiation

Avoid Further Injury

Prescribe Offsite Treatments

Avoid Long Waits at the Hospital

Better Quality


Portable x-ray machines allow the technician to perform the x-ray onsite of the accident. This increases patient safety, allows for faster and more accurate results. Once the x-ray is performed, the results are immediately reviewed by a radiologist and a signed report will be available online for the organization or facility that ordered the x-ray. This allows the physician to quickly diagnose and prescribe a treatment while offsite. Portable x-ray's also allows the patient to stay at home and avoid further injury during treatment and avoid long waits at a hospital.

There is some exposure to radiation from an x-ray, however, the dose is very limited and the radiation beams are controlled and targeted to help minimize exposure.

Mobile X-ray of Louisiana
Mobile X-ray of Louisiana Digital Imaging
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