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How Your Organization Can Benefit From Mobile X-ray

Updated: Apr 2

Benefits of Mobile Digital Imaging and lab services include improving patient safety, saves money, higher quality patient care, and improves staff efficiency.

Patient Safety

Patient safety is paramount when dealing with the initial stages of injury or illness. Transporting is risking further injury, causes additional stress, leads to prolonging the diagnosis and treatment times, and exposes the patient to additional airborne illnesses.

When an organization utilizes the services of a mobile digital imaging and lab company such as Mobile X-ray of Louisiana, we send a technician to you. Lab and imaging is administered onsite so the patient does not have to be transported at all or can wait until a diagnosis and treatment plan is in place.

Mobile imagine, improves patient comfort, relieves additional anxiety, and makes patient safety a priority.

Portable digital x-ray machines and ultrasounds offer higher quality images. DR Digital imaging provides a 50% reduction in radiation exposure while radiation exposure from ultrasounds is zero.

Saves Time and Money

Mobile X-ray is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for 365 days a year. We have technicians on-call and ready to administer needed tests. DR digital images and ultrasounds provide clear pictures that can be accessed through our secure client portal.

Images, Review, Diagnosis, and Recommended Treatment is made within much shorter time periods than traditional emergency room visits. Mobile x-ray also may determine that no transport is necessary.

Mobile X-ray of Louisiana helps cut down on unnecessary transport costs and allows medical staff to treat patients in a convenient and reasonable time frame.

Expediency and Accuracy

Radiograph examinations require less than 20 minutes of processing time and in some cases can be accessed in real time. The improved image quality also reduces the necessity for retakes. We use DR Digital Imaging which is the most accurate and trusted form of imaging available.

In some cases, such as swallow studies (FEES) the results can be viewed in real time. The results are more accurate when performed in a normal setting and recreate the scenarios when the patient is experiencing the most discomfort, leading to a more accurate diagnosis.

Implementing mobile x-ray into your injury procedures helps reduce the strain and stress that is imposed on patients and staff. Mobile x-ray also lessens the burden placed on hospital emergency rooms and physician offices. Mobile digital services and labs improves patient care, patient safety, reduces the strain on the medical system, and saves facilities and patients money.

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