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Mobile X-ray of Louisiana digital imaging services

Swallow Studies
DR Digital X-ray imaging

24-hour Mobile Digital Services

Offer mobile x-ray digital imaging in Louisiana. We are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Benefits to DR Digital Imaging are: 

Better Quality

50% Radiation Dose Reduction

Immediate Image Access

Quicker Response

Quicker Treatment Times

Mobile Electrocardiograms are also available. Fast and simple test to record the electrical signal from the heart to determine possible heart conditions.

We services:

Nursing Homes


Private Homes

Rehab Facilities

Mobile Ultrasound provides a picture of organs, tissue and other body structures by using sound waves to create the picture. Unlike traditional x-rays, ultrasound does not use radiation.


Ultrasound is also useful because it shows parts of the body in motions such has a heart beat and blood flowing. 

Now offering swallowing diagnostics called Fiberoptic Endoscopic Evaluation of Swallowing (FEES).


This procedure assesses swallow function in order to diagnose immediate dietary and position changes for safe swallowing.

An echocardiogram uses sound waves to produce images of your heart. This method provides a more detailed picture of the heart than a standard x-ray. 

an ECHO does not expose the patients to radiation.

24-Hour On-Site Services

As the pioneer and industry leader in mobile digital imaging services in south Louisiana, our “DR Digital Imaging Environment” sets the standard for service and delivery of information. We provide the highest quality digital services with state-of-the-art “DR Technology”.

Offering 24-hour on-site mobile DR digital imaging, electrocardiogram (EKG), ultrasound, echocardiogram, and lab services, we are here to meet all of your digital imaging needs.

Mobile X-ray of Louisiana's complete digital technology allows for integration with any hospital or medical records system for sharing of images, reports, and medical records across the full continuum of care. Internet access to reports and radiographs is available through a secure client login.


We realize that prompt and efficient service can often be the key to providing critical care to our clients. With a commitment to quality, our focus is on exceeding expectations and providing a professional, courteous, and compassionate experience for every client.

Who We Serve

Mobile X-ray of Louisiana open 24 / 7 365 days yr
Nursing Homes

Assisted Living Facilities

Senior Housing Communities

Correctional Institutions

Home Care Agencies
Hospice Homes

Specialty Clinics

Senior Housing Communities

Treatment Centers

Home Bound Patients
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