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DR Digital Imaging

Advanced Technology.
Trusted Care.

50% Less Radiation
Avoid Further Injury
Prescribe Offsite Treatments
Avoid Long Waits at the Hospital
Better Quality

Digital Radiography (DR) Digital Imaging uses digital electronic sensors to produce an imaging on an electronic device. The benefits allow for a much faster results then using traditional photographic film. Within minutes medical staff can log into Mobile X-ray of Louisiana's portal to obtain patient results. This increases efficiency and creates a better workflow process.

Portable x-ray machines allow the technician to perform the x-ray onsite of the accident. This increases patient safety, allows for faster and more accurate results. Once the x-ray is performed, the results are immediately reviewed by a radiologist and a signed report will be available online for the organization or facility that ordered the x-ray. This allows the physician to quickly diagnose and prescribe a treatment while offsite. Portable x-ray's also allows the patient to stay at home and avoid further injury during treatment and avoid long waits at a hospital.

There is some exposure to radiation from an x-ray, however, the dose is very limited and the radiation beams are controlled and targeted to help minimize exposure.

Benefits Include:

Faster processing results​

50% reduction in radiation

Accepted by most insurance companies

Better quality lessening the need for retakes

Requires less resources and space making mobility of equipment possible

Benefits of Portable X-ray Machines:

Allows for faster treatment

Portability allows for versatility in cramped or awkward spaces

Allows physicians to make diagnosis and treatment offsite

No long periods of waiting in a hospital

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